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50l glass reactor test before delivery

TOPTION glass reactor is a very common and practical reaction equipment in the chemical industry, biological pharmacy, scientific research experiment, etc.  Chemical glass reactor can do various experiments under the conditions of constant speed, constant force and constant temperature, such as concentration, distillation, reflux, separation, and purification reactions, etc., are generally equipped with high temperature and low temperature circulating bath to achieve precise temperature control, to do high and low temperature reactions. So glass reactor can be said to be ideal equipment for teaching, experiment, pilot and production.

The picture above is our pre-shipment test on the single-layer 50L  glass reactor. Below are some accessories details. We provide reactor customization and rich accessories.

TOPTION as ISO CE verified Chinese supplier and manufacturer of glass reactor, with more than 15 years research | development | production | sale and service experience, technical support, professional customization, OEM, contact to ask glass reactor price list.

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