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In 21 years, from my original ardently love of chemistry, to let researchers can simply concentrate on the experiment itself, this untransferable responsibility & beliefs is firm rooted in my deep heart, unavoidable need to endure great hardships in pioneer work, but I also rise to every challenge with enthusiasm, perseverance and faith.

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Plant Oil Extraction Turnkey Solution,Full End-to-end Processing Technology,From Biomass to 96%+ Purity Plant Oil

  • Extraction – CBD and other cannabidiol substances are extracted from dried hemp. What is produced at this process is a solution composed of crude oil extract and solvent-ethanol.

  • Filtration – Remove the vegetable oil glycerides and cellulose that are insoluble in ethanol and achieve the goal of dewaxing.

  • Evaporation – Remove and recover most of the ethanol to obtain an extract with only a small amount of ethanol remaining.

  • Decarboxylation – Convert CBD-A into CBD, remove light components (such as some aromatic hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon light terpenes), residual ethanol and water will also be removed in this process.

  • Distillation – An important section of the CBD process, 96%+ purity cbd oil can be obtained.

  • Crystallization – 99% pure CBD crystals can be achieved.

  • Drying – Dry CBD crystals at low temperature in a vacuum drying oven to remove residual solvents, protect CBD from excessive heat when removing residual pentane.

From biomass to achieve pure CBD oil, crystal drying, column to remove thc, customized packaging turnkey solutions, ISO, CE, UL certification, On-site service, installation, video guidance. TOPTION, your TOP OPTION in cbd industry.

TOPTION Turnkey Solutions


  • 15lbs~220lbs of biomass/batch
  • Special jacketed insulation layer
  • Touch screen panel designed with PLC program, easy to operate
  • Ex-proof motor, durable & safe in use
  • UL certification, GMP standard
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  • Fine filtration to ensure no impurities of the crude oil
  • High filtration accuracy, suitable for any fine particles or suspended matter
  • No residual liquid and easy to clean
  • Large filtration processing volume 1 ~ 500m3 / h
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  • 200L/hr~1000L/hr evaporation rate available
  • 24 hours continuously working
  • No waste of ethanol, high collection rate
  • Short residence time
  • Compact structure, small footprint
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  • 1L-100L evaporation capacity available
  • PTFE anti-corrosion & wearable sealing system, ensure long time operation
  • Chiller, vacuum pump, vacuum controller complete set
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  • Food grade SS316L material
  • High quality thermal insulation three layers design
  • Machinery seal ensure be stable during long cycle operation
  • Larger condenser area for improved recovery
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  • High evaporation rates

  • Automatic and continuous process

  • SS316 construction, durable and corrosion resistant

  • Multi options

  • Multi-stage design is available

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  • Larger throughput, up to 200kg/hr

  • SS316L design, durable in use

  • Short residence time and uniform heating

  • Automatic and continuous distillation process

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Crystallization & Isolation

  • Stainless steel filter plate pore size can be customized

  • Reaction and filtration are separated, greatly reducing the loss rate

  • Filter part can be pushed out, fast opening, fast reclaiming, easy operation, safe and easy to clean

  • Working temperature from -120℃ to +350℃

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  • Five side heating, distribute the heat uniformly

  • LED lights & Slide-out shelves

  • Stainless steel material no rust, easy to clean, longer lasting durability

  • Vacuum drying to effectively shorten the drying time and easily apply to heat-sensitive materials

  • 30L 50L 90L 210L capacity available

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All our products are customizable. Any questions about plant oil extraction and distillation system please fill out the form below to contact us.

Please attach any drawings or other information that may assist us.(Maximum attachment size: 5 MB.)



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