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1.Lab instruments design keep pace with the times

Engineering team presided over by professors level cheif engineer who has more than 20 years practical working experience.

Keep up with market demand, have strong ability to innovate lab instrument design and improve apparatus functionality implementation.

Real-time grasp the new needs of customers, we go all out to be better, and never stop the pursuit of technical innovation, strive to make your research more easier.

2.Professional consultation on system configuration

Thinking for the owner, according to your industry, application or research actual requirements, TOPTION experienced designer team works closely with you, provide professional consultation and system configuration drawing, to make sure your laboratory makes the best use of your space.

Put ourselves in the shoes of researchers, no showy, no waste, TOPTION propose more economical & practical solution to meet user’s real needs.

3.Exclusive customization

Communicate your application area, research requirements, production process, etc, TOPTION engineer team support lab solution project design, system configuration plan, lab instrument customization, etc.

4.Excelsior production & on-time delivery

Material: Strictly control the realiable quality of original material, standardized warehouse management, TOPTION lab instruments can trace back every batch of material.

Excelsior handmade process, precise control the annealing temperature, guarantee glass no crack in later use.

Each production process has strickly QC.

Lab instruments debugging: to ensure the normal operation of each function.

Export standard professional & safe packing, instruments are test by many indexes before shipping, Lead time will be strictly controlled.

5. Aftersale guidance on product application.

Offer free guidance on products operation, help user to improve research accuracy, efficiency and extend product service life by much.

6.Repair & maintenance support.

Strong ability on remote trouble shot guidance. Oversea buyers are able to solve problem in short time.

7.Rich parts supply always.

Rich parts available to TOPTION customers even for past instruments. Users are released from worry of maintenance cost.
Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our production process.

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