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How much does a Rotovap cost?

Rotary evaporator has become the best choice for many customers because of its economical price, simple structure and easy operation. It is an ideal equipment for laboratory evaporation | concentration | removal solvent | alcohol recovery. We all want to buy a cheaper rotary evaporator, but many of the equipment that looks very similar from the picture is actually quite different. Let’s take a look at what are the points we need to pay attention to when choosing a rotary evaporator?

1. The rotary evaporators are similar, but the quality is different. It is embodied in: glass thickness, electronic component brand, gasket material, workmanship and experience of rotating and lifting parts. These will determine the service life of the rotary evaporator, the system vacuum degree, the corrosion resistance, and the evaporation efficiency,etc.

2. Explosion-proof function, Rotary evaporation explosion-proof is because during the evaporation of organic solvents, it is impossible to recover 100% of all solvent vapors. Therefore, some solvent vapor must be emitted into the air. It is these vapors that are explosion-proof. Of course, if you push the vacuum pump into a fume hood, and use a buffer bottle and a dry ice cold trap before the rotary evaporator and vacuum pump, then theoretically speaking, it is not necessary to explosion-proof.
Of course, safety comes first.

3. Many suppliers will configure thermostatic baths or chiller with lower cooling capacity for cheaper prices. However, a very high alcohol collection rate was reported. In fact, this is contradictory. You can think about it. Is the cooling capacity sufficient for such a high alcohol collection rate? The cooling capacity of the chiller is not enough, the temperature will not stabilize at the set temperature, it will continue to rise, if high pressure protection in summer, and the vacuum pump is small, it will overheat after a long time, and then it will be forced to stop, and the air extraction will be stretched.

If it is an open thermostatic bath, so much alcohol is in an open trough, surrounded by electrical components, is it safe?

4. If the vacuum pump configuration does not match, then the continuous working time may be difficult. The vacuum pump is small, and it will overheat after a short period of time, and then it will be forced to stop, and the amount of air will be stretched.

In short, price is one aspect, quality and service are also very important. If you choose a complete set of rotary evaporator equipment, you must consider whether the overall configuration can optimize the equipment utilization rate and improve your work efficiency. Contact to get technical support, 1L-100L customization, matched chillers, vacuum pump, vacuum controller, factory directly sale with most competitive price.

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