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How to use wiped film evaporator correctly?

How to use wiped film evaporator correctly?

Compared with rotary evaporator, wiped film evaporator is more efficient to remove solvent / ethanol recovery, so wiped film evaporator is popular welcomed in cbd oil distillation industry. Let’s learn together how to use wiped thin film evaporator correctly?

wiped film evaporator

1.Preparation before operation of wiped film evaporator

1)Check whether the equipment is connected normally, whether the equipment is in a normal state, and whether there is any leakage. Visual inspection is sufficient. Then, power on.

2)Close all the valves connected to the atmosphere on the equipment, turn on the vacuum pump, first draw the equipment to a negative pressure state and then turn on the heater circulator, set the temperature to the process temperature, and wait until the equipment temperature reaches the required temperature before feeding. (Preheating should be performed and completed under vacuum situation).

2.Operation process of wiped film evaporator

1)After all operating parameters have been met, start the feed pump. Set the speed of the feed pump (flow meter) to the flow required by the process.

2)After the materials can be seen on the sight glass of the evaporator, turn on the scraper motor. Prevents dry scraping of the scraper.

3)The heavy component and light component collection tanks are connected to a level gauge, which is displayed on the control box. You can choose to discharge automatically or manually. The control box has automatic and manual control knobs.

4)You can start recording the initial parameters when you see material flowing down from the condenser.

3.Shutdown process of wiped film evaporator

1)When the material in the raw material tank is finished, please turn off the feed pump. The feed pump must not empty running.

2)Please stop the scraper when the material is flowing slowly. The scraper cannot be empty running.

3)Cool the heater. Please do not turn off the vacuum pump during the cooling process. Stop heating first, and the vacuum pump continues to run. After the temperature drops to 120 degrees, turn off the vacuum pump.

4)Automatic control mode of discharge gear pump, please don’t set it to finish the output, leaving at least 100 (display value). The last 100 (display value) please choose manually released to prevent the gear pump from empty running. In addition, the material can be discharged during the cooling process.

4.Cleaning method of wiped film evaporator

Feed some solvents from the feeding port, just like normal materials feeding, add some solvents into the wiped film evaporator can achieve the cleaning effect. No need to open the vacuum, the temperature can be selected by the customer according to the material and process. Be sure to leave an exhaust point to prevent the device from being pinched.

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