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Put ourselves in the shoes of you, no matter you work in biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical, environment analysis and food industries or laboratory, academic research, etc. TOPTION experienced designer team always works closely with you, propose more economical & practical solution to meet your real needs, guarantee no showy, no waste.

Be the world most competitive lab solution provider in different industries, use us to your advantage.

Chemistry industry

Reactants polymerization reaction system, PLC automatic control reaction & filtration integration system, Distillation & purification system…

Food & Beverage

Vacuum freeze drying solution for fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutical. Spray drying solution for milk, fruit juice, liquid mixture,etc.


Lab molecular distillation system, Lab scale fractional distillation column, Nutsche filter, Multi rotary evaporator, etc.


Reactants polymerization reaction, New material synthesis, Graphene ultrasonic emulsification , High pressure autoclave reactor…


API pharmaceutical synthesis reaction system, Distillation & purification of Chinese herbal medicine & API drugs whose ingredients are complex, etc.

Research institutions

New energy research & development, Xenon lamp light source system synthetic solar system, carbon dioxide catalytic reduction system…

Environmental Analysis

Multistage linkage reactor with chemical exhaust gas spray system, Ultraviolet light catalysis degradation of the organic matter in the environment, PLC…


Biological fermentation culture system, Spirulina culture fermentation system, Microalgae culture system, Animal / plant cell culture tank, etc.

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