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Is ethanol extraction for CBD safe?

Is ethanol extraction for CBD safe?

Ethanol is a hydrophilic organic solvent with good solubility for various chemical components and comprehensive extraction components. For example, 95% ethanol is suitable for extracting volatile oils and resins, and 60% to 70% ethanol is suitable for extracting glycosides. Ethanol can also extract polysaccharides, proteins, etc.

The ethanol extraction process refers to a method of separating and purifying substances by using the solubility of ethanol and using ethanol as a solvent. It is widely used in chemical experiments, chemical purification, chemical pharmaceutical and preparation of traditional Chinese medicine.

Ethanol extraction advantages: the extraction solution has a small viscosity, is easy to filter, and is easy to concentrate, and also could reduce equipment installation height and improve product quality stability.

So ethanol extraction is not only an efficient method be used in cbd oil extraction from hemp plant, but also be classified as “Generally regarded as safe” by FDA and widely used in many common foods and medicines.

Choose suitable ethanol extraction equipment, could connect with evaporation equipment such as rotary evaporator / wiped film evaporator directly to do ethanol recovery, and reuse the ethanol in further extractions. Don’t need to do winterization / filtration process, so as could help you save cost, labor and time.

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