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Milk Powder Making Machine Spray Dryer

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Milk Powder Making Machine Spray Dryer

Milk Powder Making Machine Spray Dryer

Spray drying machine is popular used for milk powder, instant coffee powder, orange juice powder, egg powder, etc. Professional powder making machine, material drying only need several seconds, so most suitable for drying the heat sensitive materials.

milk powder making machine

Main technical parameters of this small scale spray dryer:

Air inlet temperature control


Air outlet temperature control


Evaporated water


The largest feed   rate

2000 ml/h

Electric heater

3K AC220V

Draught fan


Maximum quantity of wind


Maximum air   pressure


Air compressor

0.2KW, he  largest gas production

4.2 m3/h     

Working pressure   of air compressor


Equipment  external dimensions


Nozzle diameter


Equipment Weight


Operating   environment temp.


Spray drying machine operating process

-Start red total power supply.

-LCD screen: Chinese and English.

-Start fan set 100.

-Start heating set 180-220 (general common temperature).

-Outlet temperature reach over 80 degree.

-Start air pump.

-Outlet temperature between 85-100.

-Start peristaltic pump feeding material, peristaltic pump set 10.

-Outlet temperature reach over 100 degrees, peristaltic pump speed set

-Needle set 6 seconds, to prevent the material in the nozzle clogging.

Note: before you start the peristaltic pump, please ensure the spray dryer inside the glass must be dry and without water.

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