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Molecular Distillation Turnkey Solution

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Molecular Distillation Turnkey Solution

Molecular Distillation Turnkey Solution

TOPTION support technical support to new starter or help to improve your current cbd oil production process, one stop molecular distillation turnkey solution, convenient operation and help you save cost.

  • Extract crude oil through supercritical co2 extraction machine.
  • Remove impurity by dewaxing filtration equipment.
  • Recycling ethanol / remove solvent by rotary evaporator (more economical) or wiped film evaporator (high efficient method).
  • CBD oil separation by molecular distillation equipment.
  • Get high purity cbd oil by crystallization filter reactor.
  • CBD powder making by spray drying equipment.

Standard type molecular distillation equipment, we have storage could delivery fast within 7days, professional customize type molecular distillation equipment, from 1 set, we provide customize & OEM, such as wiped film evaporator combined with molecular distillation equipment multistage types, 2 stages / 3 stages / 4 stages molecular distillation equipment customize.

Stainless steel material for durable use, long service life, also in order to guarantee the efficient of equipment and be convenient to customers, we provide heating and cooling circulators for precise temperature control, high vacuum degree vacuum pump (10Mpa, 1Mpa, 0.5Mpa optional)

Contact now, let TOPTION be your advantages in cbd oil industry earlier.

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