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New solid-liquid separation process equipment

New solid-liquid separation process equipment

Nutche filter dryer is a new generation of solid-liquid separation process equipment, your materials can be filtered, washed and dried in a closed container equipment to maximize the equipment utilization.

This type nutsche filter dryer can avoids environmental pollution and environmental pollution to materials, reduces material transfer losses, saves solvent usage, and is suitable for intermittent batch production, so popular welcome used in cbd crystal production.

Why choose nutsche filter dryer to produce cbd crystal?

1. This multi-functional nutsche filter unit operates continuously in the entire process of filtering, washing and drying in the same container, avoid any pollution to material.

2. Operate under pressure or vacuum to achieve solid-liquid separation.

3. Hydraulically controlled lifting system to maximize solid material space during filtration.

4. Can be cleaned online and sterilized online; the entire operation can be carried out under inert gas protection, safe and reliable.

5. The nutsche filter bottom plate is removable, which helps the filter to be thoroughly cleaned. It is suitable for the production of sterile APIs and fully meets the production requirements of GMP and FDA.

TOPTION brand nutsche filter dryer hotsale types: 200L, 50L, 20L, 5L and laboratory 1L-2L, support professional customize according to your actual request, welcome contact now.

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