Affordable essential oil extraction equipment

With the changes in the market economic environment, many of our customers in the plant essential oil extraction industry are gradually enthusiastic about TOPTION this type affordable essential oil extraction equipment. Not only is the extraction equipment economical price, but also the operation is very simple. One person can complete the entire essential oil extraction process, does not require the assistance of others, which not only to help you save oil extraction equipment procurement costs, but also to save labor costs. Let us take a brief look at TOPTION this essential oil extraction equipment together.

Spray Drying Solution For Milk, Fruit Juice, Liquid Mixture

Let a mixture liquid which is containing solid particles, evaporate through spray drier finally become a solid powder.

Vacuum Freeze Drying Solution For Fruits, Vegetables, Pharmaceutical

Freeze drying profess is finished under low temp, especially suitable for heat-sensitive material, can prevent the isolation membrane contraction.

Distillation & Purification System Solution

Suitable for all kinds of reactants polymerizable reaction, new material synthesis, API pharmaceutical synthesis reaction, etc.

PLC Automatic Control Reaction & Filtration Integration System

Pre-set all parameters of reaction process require, after reaction process finish, will continue do thermostatic mixing & filtering integration reaction again, finally achieve a higher purity of filtration samples.

Multistage Linkage Reactor With Chemical Exhaust Gas Spray

Design double set spray system to absorb the harmful gas absolutely, suitable for the reaction process which will produce harmful gas.



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