200 L Explosion-proof Double-layer Glass Reactor was Delivered

  •   Toption's reactor equipment is divided into glass reactor and stainless steel reactor according to material, and both materials can be customized as single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer sandwich reactors. In addition to the basic experimental equipment, Toption can provide custom explosion-proof equipment and temperature control equipment for fine experiments.

  •   This equipment is a 200L explosion-proof double-layer reactor , the advantages of which are an explosion-proof motor and explosion-proof frequency converter, customization of multiple openings for the reactor lid, design of feed drip tank, with -30℃~200℃ high and low-temperature temperature control equipment to realize continuous work between each process. In addition to this, we can customize the reactor with a PLC system, explosion-proof system, ultrasonic system, filtration system, cleaning, filtering, and drying in one, multi-stage reactor, etc. according to the different functions of the experiment.

  •   Toption can provide you with glass reactors , stainless steel reactors, and hydrothermal reactors among the popular products, autoclaves are included for pressure to complete experiments better and precisely. Reactors are ideal test and production equipment for modern fine chemical plants, biopharmaceuticals, and new material synthesis. Toption has more than 18 years of experience as a laboratory solution provider, providing you with factory direct prices, equipment installation, and operation guide services. Feel free to contact us at info@toptionlab.com for more information.

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