200L Nutsche Filter Dryers Design

  • 200L nutsche filter dryers design

    1. Filtration stage: separation of filter cake and mother liquor.The thickness of  filter cake can reach 600mm.

    2. Washing stage: further purification of filter cake, cleaning of residual mother liquor and pre-dehydration. Filter cake and washing were mixed layer by layer with lifting agitator. Finally, the slurry and suspension filter cake were fully washed.

    3. Drying stages: filter cake dehydration processing, filter cake in the blender scratch step by step a loose at the same time, side wall, the bottom of the filter plate, and mixing blade of filter cake is heated at the same time, the wet rapid evaporation drying effect, speed up the evaporation, by using the method of equipment in vacuum by joining the media such as nitrogen after processing take wet evaporation, to accelerate the drying of material, improve the effect of drying.

    4. Unloading stage: dry materials are automatically discharged from the side outlet through the reverse drive of s-type stirring paddle.

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