What’s the application of essential oil

  • TOPTION essential oil extraction equipment is mainly used for the production of essential oils from plants, flowers and herbs. The most popular application areas for these essential oils are Spa, Yoga, Aromatherapy, etc. However, the use of essential oils extracted from this economical extraction equipment has a wide range of applications and the extraction equipment is low cost, easy to operate, oil high throughput, efficient extraction rate. The market demand is strong, so the return on investment is very high.

    Let us take a look of the application of essential oils?

    Essential oils have a wide range of uses, whether it is the medicine sachets of doctors, the spices in food, the massage agents in the hands of aroma therapists, the shadows of essential oils can be seen everywhere.

    Physiotherapy useMedicine. Of course, only professional doctors can use essential oils as a prescription for treatment.
    Spice useToothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, cocktails, sauces, etc.
    Aromatic usePerfume, shampoo, air freshener, etc.
    AromatherapyMassage, inhalation, compress, bath, aromatherapy, etc.

    Nowadays, there are about 300 kinds of essential oils that together constitute a highly curative medical system, and many western medicines contain the active ingredients of essential oils. The makers of cosmetics appreciate the effects of essential oils in promoting cell regeneration and beauty, while the perfumers maximize the pleasant scent and mood-enhancing ability of essential oils. For aroma therapists, essential oils are the source of their magic. Through massage, fumigation, etc., aroma therapists are committed to reinvent the patient’s body and mind, and achieve a full range of physical and mental balance.

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