What’s application of molecular distillation equipment

  • What’s application of molecular distillation equipment?

    As we all know, short path molecular distillation has advantages that conventional distillation technology cannot compare with, such as low distillation temperature, high vacuum, high heat transfer effect, short heating time, high degree of separation, no boiling and bubbling, non- toxic, harmless, and no pollution, no residue, etc. So short path molecular distillation equipment has a very wide range of application.

    1. Separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easy oxide materials. As molecular distillers  operates at temperatures well below the boiling point of the material and the material residence time is short.

    2. Molecular distillation can extremely effectively remove substances in liquids such as organic solvents, odors, etc, which is a very effective method for liquid dissolution after solvent extraction.

    3. Molecular distillation can selectively evaporate the target product, remove other impurities, and can separate more than two substances at the same time through multi-stage separation.

    4. The molecular distillation fractionation process is a physical process, so it can well protect the separated materials from pollution and damage.

    The molecular distillation device must ensure a high degree of vacuum in the system pressure, require high material sealing, and the distance between the evaporation surface and the condensation surface must be moderate.

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