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  • Black friday offers are here include whole cbd processing equipment through biomass extraction | filtration dewaxing winterization | evaporation | decaroboxylation | distillation | crystallization | drying equipment. As a cbd processing equipment manufacturer, TOPTION have more than 15 years of experience in equipment research and development, production and export. TOPTION can provide technical support, equipment selection guidance, turnkey solution design for people who are new to the cbd industry, and can also help upgrade existing production lines.  For a single piece of equipment in a certain link, TOPTION provide customization, and the best-selling models have stock available, which can support fast delivery.

    TOPTION is the Chinese top supplier of officially certified extraction and distillation equipment. The company has passed ISO certification. The TOPTION brand has also obtained brand certificates in the United States, Canada and China. The product CE and UL certification configurations are optional. At the same time, TOPTION has passed SGS, TUV, BV Third-party certification company certification, welcome the third-party certification company entrusted by customers to TOPTION factory for certification.

    Quality is our culture, Contact us through  to get the Black Friday discount, your reliable supplier of biomass extraction equipment, filter, rising flm evaporator, decarboxylation reaction tank, short path distillation equipment, crystallization reactor, drying oven.

    The most common type of evaporator is the rotary evaporator, which is widely used and selected because of its economical price. Secondly, it is distinguished by the level of efficiency. There are falling film evaporators, wiped film evaporators and TOPTION new designed rising film evaporator, which has been tested –  the 200L rising film evaporator can actually recover more than 200L of alcohol per hour. The best-selling models are 200L and 400L are stock available for fast delivery.

    TOPTION brand rising film evaporator includes, one evaporator, one evaporation chamber, two plate heat exchangers, one heating circulator, one cooling circulator, and one water ring vacuum pump. The material is concentrated by the rising film evaporator, and the solvent is stored in the solvent receiving tank and sent out by the gear pump. If the product concentration fails to achieve the desired effect at one time, the material at the lower end of the evaporation chamber can be circulated into the evaporator for multiple concentration to meet the process requirements.

    TOPTION this rising film evaporator has received 5-star praise from many of our new and old customers around the world, who are mainly engaged in the cbd industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. If you are looking for a most efficient evaporator for alcohol recovery, solvent removal, concentration, please contact us by  , 15+ years manufacturer of evaporators, UL CE ISO certification, reliable in quality, professional customization.

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