cbd oil extraction technology innovation

  • cbd oil extraction technology innovation

    The legal cbd market in North America is rapidly developing as an emerging industry. According to Arcview Market Research, it is estimated that the legal hemp expenditure in North America will reach 47.3 billion US dollars by 2027.

    Innovations in cbd cultivation technology, innovation in cbd consumer goods, innovation in payment methods and innovation in cbd oil extraction technology  will be important factors influencing the future development of the legal cannabis market.

    As hemp plant ingredients contain a large amount of waxy, cellulose and other substances, different extraction methods will produce out different cbd oil extraction  capacity, because the extracted ingredients contains active ingredients, waxy and fiber, etc, so firstly need dewaxing, filtration, then through fine concentration, finally separate out the active ingredients you want, according to this process could achieve higher production requirement.

    This is most popular also most efficient method to extract cbd oil – supercritical extraction

    • The production through supercritical extraction is extractum state mixture.
    • Add in organic reagent, dissolved with sample under high temperature .
    • After sample completely be dissolved, will form Wax crystallization under low temperature condition, the oil mixture separates.
    • Filter out the oil mixture separates, remove waxy impurity composition .
    • Then through scraped film system, to remove large quantity organic reagent content .
    • Through molecular distillation system , separate out the active ingredients from oil. Combined with crystallization filter reactor, could get pure cbd oil.

    Innovation in cbd oil extraction technology will promote the development of legal cbd industry, let’s keep improving together. Want to extract cbd oil, contact info@toptionlab.com  to get technical support.

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