CBD prodution line delivery successfully

  • CBD prodution line delivery successfully, including from biomass extraction, to finally obtaining more than 80% high-purity cbd oil, 99.99% high-purity cbd crystals, to final drying. The whole process of cbd processing equipment is ISO UL certified, and the explosion-proof system is used to ensure the safety of operation. Before delivery, TOPTION engineers team have carried out installation, commissioning and testing, and through multiple video conferences to ensure that customers need to know every process and detail. After this cbd production line final delivery, TOPTION will go to the customer site to provide installation, commissioning, and operation training services.

  • TOPTION this cbd production line contains a lot of equipment, all of which are made of stainless steel, which can have better thermal conductivity and improve the efficiency of each section. The second is the durability of the cbd processing equipment . Compared with glass equipment, it has a longer service life, and is easy to clean and maintain. I will make a brief list of important equipment here for your reference.

    - Ethanol extraction equipment with jacketed storage tank, chiller, and next step filtration equipment.

    - Evaporation equipment to recover ethanol | alcohol, rising film evaporator is highest efficient, wiped film evaporator, falling film evaporator, rotary evaporator are also optional.

    - Decarboxylation reactor to convert CBDA to CBD.

    - Distillation equipment two stages molecular distillation equipment to get >80% high purity cbd distillate.

    - Colum to get T-free oil.

    - Crystallization reactor to get 99% high purity cbd crystals.

    - Drying oven.

  • Equipment factory directly sale help you save cost and time. Technical support, equipment customization, on-site installation & training service are available. DM info@toptionlab.com Whatsapp +8613384927293 inquiry now.

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