Convert your hemp biomass into CBD oil, distillate, or isolate

  • Convert your hemp biomass into CBD oil, distillate, or isolate , Equipment with UL certification, meet GMP standard, Choose TOPTION be your turnkey solution designer, get wholehearted & in time service include laboratory layout design, equipment design & production, on-site installation, commissioning & operation training service. 

    The picture below is the finished product of each step that a customer of one of TOPTION production lines gave us feedback. Of course, the quality of the oil produced in each step is related to raw materials and specific processes such as temperature, vacuum, etc., so it is only for your reference.

  • In the picture above, TOPTION customer uses co2 supercritical extraction equipment to extract crude oil from biomass. Through winterization and decarbonization, use short path molecular distillation equipment to get pure cbd distillate, and finally 99.9% high-purity cbd crystal is obtained through stainless steel crystallization reactor. CBD isolates finally dried in a dedicated drying oven.

    As well known as supercritical CO2 extraction is low temperature ethanol extraction, and  cryogenic ethanol extraction machine is becoming more and more popular in the market, not only because of its lower equipment price, but also because the extracted oil obtained by centrifugal extraction does not need to undergo winterization. Could through fine filtration, it can enter the process of solvent recovery, then decarburization, distillation , crystallization and drying, and finally high-purity CBD can be obtained.

    The two extraction methods have their own advantages. If you want to know more, please read this article - If compare CO2 extraction with ethanol extraction, which one is better and why? , or if you want to know more suitable options, please contact us directly and tell us your needs . TOPTION provide the design and layout design of the entire cbd oil production line, equipment customization, on-site installation and commissioning services, operator training services, etc.

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