Customized photochemical reactor successfully delivered

  • The picture below is a 5000ml double layer photochemical reactor , using magnetic stirring design, the stirring speed and temperature can be adjusted freely, this is a laboratory photochemical jacketed reactor customized for customers who are work in lab research, and many glass accessories. As a source factory, TOPTION can directly provide customers with not only preferential prices for factory direct sales, but more importantly, customized service capabilities and one-to-one timely services.

  • Photochemical reactor is widely used in the field of photochemical reactions, which is particularly accurate for the determination of chemical reaction parameters of liquids, gases, and solids. They are frequently used in organic synthesis and environmental photochemical research.

    The photochemical reactor is equipped with a multi-test tube magnetic stirrer reactor function, which makes up for the disadvantages of the unreasonable rotation of the multi-test tube around the light source and the poor mechanical performance of the multi-test tube rotation. The photochemical reactor can realize the function of inflating some test tubes at the same time, it is equipped with a multi-port magnetic stirring reaction vessel function, which can make the reaction process have strong magnetic stirring, inflation, deflation, sealing, temperature measurement and other functions,  added automatic shading in non-experimental stages. The device can cover the light source that flickers unstable at the beginning of turning on the light source and the light source that is sampled in stages, so that the accuracy of the experiment can be improved. 

  • Photochemical reactor has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, etc., and is widely used in pharmaceutical research, beverage synthesis, chemical testing, pigment production, resin, scientific research and other industrial sectors. Factory directly sale help you save cost and time, contact TOPTION by now. 

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