Development Fields of Drying Equipment

  •   With the development of productivity, s pray drying  has gradually replaced the artificial control of heat sources and mechanical ventilation means. The drying process needs to consume a lot of thermal energy, and in order to save energy, certain materials with high wet content, suspensions, or solutions containing solids are generally dehydrated mechanically or evaporated by heating first, and then dried in the dryer obtain solids.

  • spray drying
    spray drying

  •   Spray drying is used as one of the continuous atmospheric pressure dryers. The liquid material is sprayed into a mist and is dried in contact with hot air, forming granular solids instantly. The advantages are drying heat-sensitive liquids, suspensions, and viscous liquids, and the applications are drying milk powder, coffee powder, fuel, compounds, soap powder, inorganic salts, etc.

  • spray drying

  •   Spray drying is a fast and mild drying process, fast drying speed, the surface area of the material is greatly increased after atomization, in the hot air flow, 95%-98% of the water can be evaporated instantly, and the liquid can be dried into a powder and granular products at one time. It takes only a few seconds to complete the drying time, especially suitable for the drying of heat-sensitive materials.

  •   Spray drying as a common drying technology plays a huge role in the food, chemical, and energy fields. Toption can customize drying equipment for you. The company has experience in product production, processing and manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service, and the industry has been developing for more than 16 years. We can provide personalized equipment customization services according to your needs, and our technical team can provide support and product installation services for you. Welcome to contact us at .

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