Distillate machine turnkey solution for terpene distillation,  TOPTION is Chinese super suppliers & manufacturer certified by well-known third-party certification companies include SGS, TUV, BV, etc. All extraction equipment, filter, evaporators, stainless steel reactor, distillation machine are through UL, CE certification, TOPTION through ISO certification, reliable in quality.

As shown in the picture above, it is a whole cbd oil production line  designed and produced by TOPTION strong engineers team, from low-temperature alcohol extraction to the last step of the vacuum drying oven to obtain high-purity dry cbd crystals, include heating and cooling circulating pumps, vacuum pump, storage tank, explosion proof control system, distillate machine turnkey solution professionla customization, and provide technical support for new starter. Contact info@toptionlab.com  now, for hotsale types, TOPTION have stock available for fast delivery within 7 days.

From small laboratories type, pilot type to industrial productivity type, from the customization of the entire cbd oil production line to the customization of a single device – extractors, distillers, evaporators, reactors, filters , TOPTION always insist that quality is our culture, and the most suitable for customers is the best.

In the coming March, the peak period of global procurement, TOPTION have made enough inventory for hot-selling models to ensure fast and safe delivery ( include ethanol extraction equipment, filter, rising film evaporator, rotary evaporator, stainless steel reactor for decarboxylation and crystallization, short path distillation equipment, drying oven ). For customized equipment, TOPTION engineers will also assist in rapid drawing and confirm the entire design with you, efficient Put it into production, and you can visit TOPTION factory. If you can’t come, you can also entrust a third-party certification company to inspect TOPTION factory. For the installation and use of the CBD processing equipment, TOPTION provide detailed videos of the installation and use, and videos are available talk face to face. Waiting for your contact by info@toptionlab.com