Distillation equipment to process your material into pure cbd oil

  • This is TOPTION stainless steel molecular distillation equipment to process your material into pure cbd oil, besides this, it is also widely used because of its short heating time, low distillation temperature, and advantages of rapid separation. Such as the separation and purification of the thermally unstable molecules and related compounds with low volatility and elevated boiling point, include fish oil distillation, DHA, essential oil, etc.

  • The above picture is the feedback of our customers using TOPTION cbd distillation equipment . This is a single-stage molecular distillation equipment. We can also customize two-stage and three-stage distiller, a two-stage equipment that can combine wiped film evaporation and short-path distillation. The wiped film evaporator recovers the solvent or alcohol before entering the second stage of short path molecular distillation. It can not only help customers improve the efficiency of production or experiment, but also save the equipment cost of initial investment.

    If you want to find equipment ( extraction - filtration - evaporation - decarboxylation - distillation - crystallization - drying ) for the production process of cbd oil | fish oil | essential oil, want to consult the design of the entire production line from dried hemp to pure oil, want to do laboratory layout design, want to upgrade existing distillation equipment , match high and low temperature temperature control equipment, and vacuum equipment, please contact us through info@toptionlab.com we can help you.

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