Drying oven with cold trap unit and vacuum pump

  • This is a vacuum drying oven with cold trap unit and vacuum pump customized for our customers, to recover all the solvent from the material, tray type of oven, you can put material into it to dry, convenient using. 

    Or if you want to recover the fresh terpenoids before go to co2 distillation, but don't want to use a steam method. Then this type vacuum drying oven with cold trap unit and vacuum pump is also suitable.

  • Operation method of vacuum drying oven (Please note that different materials have different operation methods, and different experimental objectives have different operation methods. Please contact us by info@toptionlab.com for a free consultation)

    1. Put in fresh plants, turn on the vacuum pump to pump the vacuum drying oven to a vacuum state, then close the valve of the suction port of the vacuum pump, and then close the vacuum pump.

    2. Turn on the heating of the vacuum drying oven , set the appropriate temperature, and observe the glass condenser closely.

    3. When you see water droplets appear in the condenser, turn on the chiller and wait for the chiller to reach the desired temperature.

    4. After the chiller reaches the required temperature, turn on the vacuum pump, adjust the vacuum pump air valve to maintain a suitable operating vacuum, and continuously evaporate water and essential oils. Also observe the chiller temperature to make sure the condensation temperature is OK.

    5. When enough essential oils are collected and one batch is completed, turn off the heating and cooling circulators, turn off the vacuum pump, and take the essential oils / hydrosol / biomass.

  • Contact info@toptionlab.com or whatsapp +8613384927293 to get factory directly sale price list of vacuum drying oven , ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, reliable quality and dependable service are available.

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