Equipment for white crystalline CBD isolate

  • This is TOPTION stainless steel crystallization equipment for white crystalline CBD isolate, the picture below is the cbd crystals product made by our customers for your reference. This stainless steel double layer reactor adopts the design that the filter part and the reactor body can be separated. After the entire crystallization production is completed, the filter part can be directly disassembled, which is convenient for taking out the cbd crystal and cleaning the reactor.

  • The design of this jacketed reactor can connect high and low temperature circulators for stirring and high & low temperature reaction, and connect the vacuum pump to effectively reduce the reaction temperature, protect the components of cbd crystals, and improve the efficiency of the whole crystallization process. This is used in the cbd industry, in fact, it is also a multi-functional reactor design, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fish oil, DHA, food and other industries.

    TOPTION also provide economical glass type crystallization reactor , please check below picture, jacketed reactor complete set with chillers, heater, vacuum pump. So, for TOPTION crystallization reactor, glass and stainless steel material are optional, 50L-250L wide capacity range customize, UL / CE configurations are available, DM for detail now.

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