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  • Thank you very much to our Ukrainian customers for their feedback on the installation and use of  TOPTION glass reactor. Under the guidance of the instruction manual and installation video, the customer easily completed the installation process, correctly connected the supporting vacuum pump, high and low temperature circulating equipment, and successfully running in the experiment.

    This is a customized explosion-proof double layer jacketed glass reactor with a high and low temperature integrated machine, and a vacuum pump. High and low temperature heating or cooling reaction of the material through the glass kettle interlayer can realize precise temperature control. The motor drives the stirring reaction, the stirring speed is adjustable by frequency, and it can work under vacuum conditions to reduce the boiling point of the material and protect the heat-sensitive material ,improve work efficiency.

    From 1L to 200L wide capacity range glass reactor customization, CE and UL different configurations are available, standard and upgrade explosion proof types, multistages types glass reactor, etc, contact  to send inquiry now.

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