Glass Reactor Customize For Inorganic Sludge Filtration

  • Glass Reactor Customize For Inorganic Sludge Filtration

    As the viscosity of inorganic sludge is high, so for its filtration, we need to consider the filtration type how to avoid pipeline plug, and also for heating source reason. Please check below design from TOPTION glass reactor engineer

    Same with the above design of glass reactor, consider of the characters of inorganic sludge, our glass reaction vessel enginners team decide use:

    1. Up & down gravity type filtration type, through high speed filtration process to guarantee there’s no any blocking of all pipeline.

    2. Adopt big head and large flow heater, to ensure whole glass reactor filtration system has enough heating source.

    3. Use proportional valve to adjust whole system’s pressure, so as to guarantee the safety of glass reactor.

    After many times communication between customer and our engineers team, good news we finally finish the production of this set jacketed glass reaction system for inorganic sludge filtration, please check below picture:

    TOPTION as CE ISO certified reliable quality glass reactor supplier, more than 10 years chemistry reaction system development experience, guarantee we have strong energy to provide professional glass reaction system customize , welcome contact  24h/7days online service.

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