Why heating & cooling circulating bath is indispensable?

  • Why heating & cooling circulating bath is indispensable?

    Plant oil extraction such as essential oil distillation, clove oil extraction, fish oil extraction, curcuma oil extraction etc, is more and more popular welcomed by researchers, even for some home laboratory, simple distillation units such as 2L 5L glass short path distillation kit , are hotsaled as its cheap price and easy operation.

    In fact,for plant oil extraction, the oldest & most common method is alcohol extraction, which has excellent solubility in lower alcohols such as ethanol and isopropanol, and as all known, essential oil extraction is effective as long as the water content in the alcohol is small. But alcohol extraction is also not popular as use ethanol, as alcohols extraction require high pressure extraction condition.

    Compared with alcohol extraction, use ethanol is more health and safety, more easier to handing for researchers. Most important, extraction with ethanol will produce a full spectrum extract that contributes to the synergistic activity of plant oil to exert superior pharmacological activity.

    Regardless of the solvent used for extraction, no matter you use molecular distillation equipment , rotary evaporator, or wiped film evaporator, match vacuum system to get required vacuum degree, find suitable temperature control system heating & cooling circulating bath is indispensable.

    Through cooling and heating circulating bath  to guarantee the palnt oil extraction process without any thermal degradation. This level of quality is achieved by using temperature parameters and other physical process steps in the extraction.

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