Hemp extraction distillation turnkey solution

  • TOPTION as hemp extraction distillation turnkey solution Chinese provider, all equipment  ( crude oil extractors, filters, evaporators, distillation equipment, reactors, drying equipment, etc) , CE & UL configurations are optional, the entire cbd oil production line design, plant layout design, equipment on-site installation, commissioning, operation services, training services are available. Welcome experience TOPTION impressive extraction and distillation facility for yourself, contact us today to set up a visit. By investing in TOPTION equipment, we guarantee a superior, on time machine.

  • The picture above is a production line TOPTION engineers team designed for customers engaged in the cbd industry, from the extraction of biomass to the final high-purity cbd oil distillation, cbd crystal drying, etc. The whole process includes biomass extraction, dewaxing & filtration, alcohol recovery, decarboxylation, distillation, crystallization, drying, etc. Below I would like to briefly describe several key steps.


    1. Crude Extraction - Adopt low temperature ethanol extraction method to convert your bio-mass to crude as quickly and efficiently as possible is key, as it will greatly reduce the mass / size / weight of your harvest. 

    2. Winterization / filtering - When processing into concentrated form, the removal of fats & lipids are necessary as they have no substantial known benefits to human consumption. 

    3. Distillation / purifying - purity is the key, in this process we use molecular distillation equipment to refining it once again to produce cbd oil with higher purity.

    4. Column - distillate may contain residual contaminates or undesired compounds such as THC which will jeopardize the compliance of your product. So column is recommend.

    5. Isolation - The process of isolating the crystal from distillate, produces the purest form of CBD itself.

    If you are interested in any of these steps cbd oil extraction distillation turnkey solution , even though I did not mention them at here. You are welcome to contact us for a quick discussion with our engineers team ( info@toptionlab.com )

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