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  • As a manufacturer and supplier of hemp processing equipment, TOPTION have more than 16 years of experience focused on the R&D, production and sales of the extraction | distillation | evaporation | filtration | reactor equipment, the picture below is our latest delivery of supercritical co2 extraction equipment for your reference.

  • Supercritical extraction is very popular with our European customers, and although its price is more expensive than other extraction equipment, it still has unsurpassed advantages. Such as through supercritical co2 extraction equipment could achieve a hemp oil extract containing high concentrations of CBD. So it is considered to be more environmentally friendly, considerably safer, cleaner and  palatable cbd oil extraction method.

    We deliver more than extraction equipment

    - Facility layout and process design

      - Solution configurations for phased growth

      - All processing equipment, including chillers heaters and vacuum pump matched for quality and capacity.

      - Documented Standard Operating Procedures

      - Equipment installation and training of your labor force

      - Manufacturing line commissioning

      - GMP compliance support

      - Ongoing service and support

      Contact info@toptionlab.com now, or please leave your contact information, we are looking for friends all over the world to distribute TOPTION hemp processing equipment products, as a powerful factory, to give you the most solid support for your successful business.

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