How does a glass reactor work

  • TOPTION brand glass reactors are commonly used in chemistry, modern fine chemicals, bio pharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments, food, environmental protection industries, etc. When connected to high and low temperature circulating pump ( heaters, chillers ), the glass reactor can be used under constant speed, constant force, and constant temperature conditions. Do concentration, distillation, reflux, separation, and purification reactions.

    Glass reactors are divided into single-layer glass reactors, jacketed glass reactors and three-layer glass reactors. Below we take the most common double-layer glass reactors as an example to see how glass reactors work?

    The picture above is a complete set of jacketed glass reactor  that we have customized for European customers engaged in the pharmaceutical industry. From the picture, you can see the entire configuration, jacketed chemical glass reactor, low-temperature circulation equipment ( chiller), high-temperature circulation equipment ( heater), high and low temperature integrated circulating machine ( heaters & chillers), Vacuum pump, vacuum controller.

    Through the inter layer, constant temperature/high temperature/low temperature hot melt or cooling liquid is injected to heat or cool the materials in the reactor  at a constant temperature to achieve precise temperature control. The figure below is a schematic diagram of how the reactor works.

    Whole set customization include 1-250L jacketed glass reactor, from -80 to 300 celsius degrees chiller & heaters, vacuum pump, vacuum controller, ISO CE certification reliable quality, 1 year warranty period, and TOPTION support our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their equipment, from installation and qualification to maintenance, repairs & plant-optimization. Contact  to send inquiry now.

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