How short path distillation working?

  • How short path distillation working?

    Short path distillation is a new and high-efficiency distillation technology, which can achieve “liquid-liquid” separation at a temperature much lower than the boiling point of liquid, according to the difference of the averge free path of molecular motion.

    Short path distillation equipment  is also pupolar named as molecular distillation equipment, wiped film evaporator, falling film evaporator, etc.

    If fact, no matter how we name it, the most important things is that – short path distillation process  is especially suitable for the separation and purification of material with high boiling point, heat sensitivity and easy oxidation. Most popular application of short path distillation is essential oil distillte, plant oil extraction, cbd oil / fish oil / waste oil distillation, etc.

    How short path distillation working?

    1. Molecular diffuse from the liquid phase to the evaporation surface.

    Charging your sample in material feeding tank (with stainless steel filter net design to filter impurity). Then through gear pump transfer material to eavporator automaticly. Matched heating circulator bath will provide heating source to the molecular distillation evaporator , temperature can be adjusted according to the boiling points of different solvents.

    2. Free evaporation of molecules on the liquid surface

    Based on the heating temperature, you can adjust the sample evaporation speed,and the stability of sample solvents also will influence the evaporation speed. For stainless steel molecular distillation equipment , as its good thermal conductivity, have 1.4 times higher efficient than glass type. If have insulation pipe design, will be more efficient.

    3. Molecules fly from the evaporation to the condensation surface

    Cold trap design could make the gas phase solvents be cooled down and turned into liquid-phase solvents in time.

    4. Solvents will be collected in the glass receiving flask.

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