How to clean crystallization reactor

  • How to clean crystallization reactor?

    TOPTION this glass crystallization reactor is popular used in cbd oil crystals industry, main technical design is electric automatic lifting device & ultrasonic homogenizer function.

    During the long-term use of the glass reactor, a lot of dust will accumulate, which will affect the normal operation of the reactor, add energy consumption and reduce product quality. Reactors in long- term reactors are susceptible to residuals, and they gradually accumulate in the reactors, which not only affects the capacity of the reaction, but the components in the residue may affect the reaction,
    and may have an adverse effect on the quality of the product. The reunion repercussions endangered the safety of personnel and equipment.

    Therefore, in addition to the strict usual protection and inspection of the crystallization reactor, the reactor must be cleaned regularly. There are mainly two types of cleaning of the reactor: mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning.

    1. Mechanical cleaning is the most common method for cleaning crystallization reactors. The most commonly used method is cleaning with a high-pressure water gun. It usually has a significant effect on dust, such as powder and agglomeration, and is simple and convenient to operate. Usually small but narrow in scope.

    As for the thick or highly-absorptive liquid dust, you can use the wiping method to remove it. This method is particularly applicable to glass reactors and enamel reactors. Small kettles can be reached by using rags or test tube brushes. The operation is simple.

    2. Chemical cleaning is the most commonly used method in the cleaning of crystallization reaction vessels. It has a wide range of uses and a significant effect. However, the cost is high. Many chemical waste liquids that occur together are difficult to handle and the environment is polluted.

    In chemical cleaning, it is first necessary to determine the dust composition, and then select the corresponding cleaning solvent. Together with this, it is necessary to evaluate the cleaning safety and corrosion resistance of the kettle.

    – Preparation method of chromic acid washing solution: Grind 20g of potassium dichromate dissolved in 40ml of water, and slowly add 360ml of concentrated sulfuric acid while stirring.

    – According to the nature of contamination of the instrument, for instruments that cannot be effectively cleaned with detergent, chromic pickling solution is generally used for soaking overnight.

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