How to clean short path distillation kit

  • As a Chinese manufacturer of glass short path distillation kit , TOPTION have passed ISO CE certification to ensure the quality of the lab distillation set, for this laboratory glass model, we provide a capacity range of 2L 5L 10L 20L, matching the corresponding refrigeration equipment / chiller, can according to your different requirements for vacuum degree, different vacuum pump units are provided. Provide OEM, ODM customized services. Hot-selling models are in stock, and customized models can ensure fast production and fast shipping services.

  • The glass pieces on the newly purchased glass short path distillation equipment have alkali on the surface. They can be washed with soapy water first, then rinsed with running water, soaked in 1-2% hydrochloric acid overnight, then washed with running water, and finally used Rinse 2-3 times with distilled water and dry for later use. 


  • Contact to get factory directly sale price list of 2L 5L 10L 20L complete short path distillation kit with cooling bath and vacuum pump, help you save time and cost. Equipment 1 year warranty period, reliable quality guarantee.

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