How to Crystallize CBD – Make CBD Isolate

  • CBD crystallization is usually a follow-up process of short-path molecular distillation. The high-purity cbd oil is separated by wiped film molecular distillation equipment, and then passed through the cbd crystallization reactor for heating, stirring, cooling and filtering, and finally high-purity cbd crystals are obtained. In fact, cbd oil can be crystallized at room temperature. The main purpose of artificial crystallization in a crystallization reaction kettle is to obtain high-purity cbd crystals. At this time, the cbd crystals are white.

    The simple working principle of the crystallization kettle is that the cbd oil and solvent are added to the reaction tank, connected to the heating circulator, and the materials are heated through the interlayer of the reaction kettle, fully mixing. After the mixture is full mixed, the temperature is cooled by low-temperature equipment to precipitate crystals. The filter plate filters out the crystals, and the mother liquor will be recycled into the recovery tank. Open the reactor and take out the cbd crystals. Through multiple filtrations, high-purity cbd crystals of more than 99.9% can be obtained.

    Crystallization reaction kettles on the market generally have two materials, stainless steel and glass. From the perspective of convenient observation, glass is a good choice. However, the crystallization lab reactor needs to be heated first and then cooled to precipitate crystals. This process can easily cause the glass to break. The stainless steel material not only has a long service life, but also has a better heat conductivity rate, which can improve the overall efficiency.

    For more design advantages, how to choose a suitable cbd crystallizer equipment, or if you need customization services, please contact us through  . UL certification, quality is our culture.

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