Difference between instant coffee freezing and spray drying

  • Here we are mainly talking about two different drying methods of instant coffee, freeze drying and spray drying. From the figure below, we can also clearly see the difference. Freeze drying obtains irregularly shaped large-grain coffee powder, the result of spray drying is a fine powder with very good particle uniformity. Instant coffee dried by different processes has different advantages, let’s take a look at it.

    1.Freeze-dried instant coffee is also known as freeze-dried coffee, the liquid instant coffee is placed in a freeze dryer at a temperature of several tens of degrees below zero, and the water in the coffee liquid is sublimated to remove the ice, and dry, irregularly shaped large-grain coffee powder is obtained.

    By freeze drying process, the aroma and taste of the instant coffee are more complete, and the nutrients are better, if you want to brew high-quality instant coffee, you must first choose the freeze-drying process.

    2. For spray drying instant coffee , the coffee liquid is put into the centrifugal nozzle, the coffee liquid is sprayed into very small mist droplets, which greatly increases the surface area of the coffee and the hot air, and the water evaporates quickly, and the finished product is dried in a very short time Instant coffee powder.

    The spray drying instant coffee is a coffee powder with very uniform and fine particles. The instant coffee can quickly melt in hot water, and it occupies a smaller space and volume during storage and transportation, and is more resistant to storage.

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