Jacketed glass reactor made in China

  • The following is the feedback of one of our customers who provide hemp processing services in the cbd industry on the use of several sets of double layer glass reactors of TOPTION. The custom-made jacketed glass reactor with filtration system is matched with a high and low temperature integrated machine to achieve the goal of precise temperature control, and a vacuum pump is matched to improve the overall production efficiency and reduce the reaction temperature, protect heat sensitive substance.

  • The chemical glass reactor can be used for concentration, distillation, retention, separation and purification under the conditions of constant speed, constant force and constant temperature. It is a necessary laboratory equipment for modern fine chemical industry, biopharmaceuticals, scientific research experiments and other industries. Usually match temperature control system and vacuum system. 

    As a Chinese manufacturer of glass reactors , TOPTION have ISO CE certification and an experienced and technically strong team of engineers who can help you with laboratory layout design, production line design, laboratory equipment customization, on-site installation and commissioning, personnel training services, etc.

    DM info@toptionlab.com today to see how TOPTION can help your business grow, make your research more accurate and efficient.

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