TOPTION molecular distillation equipment UL certification has been started

  • TOPTION molecular distillation equipment UL certification has been started

    Thanks for the great support from our global customers who bought molecular distillation equipment  / wiped film evaporator / rotary evaporator / crystallization reactor from our factory, in order to support our customers enlarge their market, or meet their laboratory /  factory certification requirement.

    We already had an official signing with UL certification company, to start doing certification of our molecular distillation equipment.

    TOPTION brand molecular distillation equipments ‘ tank is made of stainless steel and the bracket is cast, for the wiring, connectors in the motor and inverter,  there is UL certification. We guarantee in a vacuum-tight environment, there is no possibility of leakage.

    So the engineers who are work in UL certification company, after a meeting with our factory engineers team, expressing confidence that our products will pass UL certification. In order to get UL certification in December this year, we will fully cooperate and go all out.

    With the great support of our customers, TOPTION brand molecular distillation equipment  will definitely do better and better, we always believe in customer’s success is our success.

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