Why does molecular distillation need to match gear pump?

  • Why does molecular distillation  need to match gear pump?

    Gear pump is two closed space which is composed of two gears, pump body, front & back cover , it is suitable for various industries, the range of transmission medium is relatively wide, the gear pump has a firm structure, easy to install, easy to disassemble, simple maintenance, the flow is uniform & continuous, slight wear, long service life, etc.

    Why choose gear pump equipped with molecular distillation equipment?

    1. Guarantee stable & continuous material charging for molecular distillation system . Gear pump is like a piston in cylinder, when a gear into the fluid space of another gear, the liquid sample is mechanically squeezed out, due to the gears of continuous mesh, this phenomenon is continuous happen, so will provide a continuous elimination in the pump outlet, pump every turn, sample discharging amount is the same.

    2. For the material liquid whose viscosity or density will have changes during the process, gear pump will not be too much affected, the gear pump will still maintain a constant flow for molecular distillation process .

    3.Gear pump has an independent motor drive, can effectively block the upstream pressure pulsation and flow fluctuations. So when molecular distillation equipment  adopt gear pump can improve the speed of material flow output and reduce the dwell time of materials, protect heat sensitive materials.

    4. Simple and compact structure, small volume, light quality, good technology.

    5. Strong self-suction, no matter in high / low speed or even manual conditions, can reliably achieve self-suction.

    6.The speed range of gear pump is large, because the rotating part of the pump and gears are basically balanced, at high speed will not produce increased inertia force.Not sensitive to oil pollution, wide rotation speed range, impact resistance load.

    7. Convenient maintenance, reliable work.

    When you choose molecular distillation machine , the pump system and heating & cooling circulator bath, both are very important, which will effect the whole efficient of your distillation equipment. More welcome contact info@toptionlab.com  to communicate more.

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