Molecular distillation vs Fractional distillation

Molecular distillation  and fractional distillation are basically the same. Both are methods for separating the liquid mixture, based on the boiling point of each component in the liquid mixture is different, through controlling the heating temperature, a part of the substance is vaporized and condensed, liquefied and then collected, and the other part is kept at its original state be left in the original device.

In addition, the molecular distillation  and fractional distillation are physical processes, no new substances are formed, only the original materials are separated.

The purpose of molecular distillation  is to separate the liquid mixture, to separate one or more pure liquid materials from the solution, which requires that the other components of the solution be less volatile or have a boiling point that differs greatly from the effluent.

Molecular distillation  is mainly suitable for the separation, purification and recovery of solvents of liquid mixtures with large differences in boiling points. So Molecular distillation equipment is considered as the safest means of separation for purifying thermally unstable substances with other related compounds that have elevated boiling point and low volatility. Popular used in medical cannabis industry to distillate pure cbd oil.

Fractional distillation  is a process in which several mutually miscible liquid substances are heated to vaporize and condense the mixed liquid according to the boiling points of the substances in the mixture.Its purpose is mainly to separate liquid mixtures with relatively close boiling points.

Therefore, fractional distillation  is mainly suitable for separating and purifying liquid organic mixtures with similar boiling points, such as fractionated petroleum, the main products are: petroleum gas (small molecular hydrocarbons such as propane and butane), gasoline, kerosene, heavy oil and asphalt, etc.

Molecular distillation  vs fractional distillation, the biggest difference between these two is that the molecular distillation is only once vaporized and condensed, and the separated material is generally purer, be better used in pure cbd oil / essential oil / fish oil distillation, etc. The fractionated material is still a mixture with a different boiling point range.

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