More Applications of Short-range Molecular Distillation

  •   Molecular distillation technology is applied to the separation and purification between liquids, which can be separated at a lower temperature and thus has the advantage of operating at a temperature much lower than the boiling point of the material. Molecular distillation technology is beneficial for the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive, and perishable materials, requiring that the difference in the average molecular free range of the components within the material should be large.

      Molecular distillation equipment is a pure separation apparatus, used in conjunction with other extraction equipment, and requires high pre-treatment of materials. In the chemical industry, molecular distillation equipment is used in waste lubricant regeneration operations, where the waste lubricant is pretreated and light components are removed, and the waste lubricant is distilled in a distillation tower after light diesel fuel is removed as raw material until a better base oil is regenerated.

  • molecular distillation
  • molecular distillation

  •   In the purification process of polymer intermediates, since polymers are generally heat-sensitive substances, they are prone to disproportionation, condensation, or decomposition when the temperature is high. The use of molecular distillation technology can effectively protect the quality of polymer products, improve product purity and reduce costs.

      Molecular distillation also has common applications in biopharmaceuticals. For example, the extraction of active ingredients in Chinese medicine. After the herbal plants are crushed, soaked in organic solvents, and subjected to pretreatment processes such as supercritical extraction, the products obtained are used as raw materials for molecular distillation, which leads to purification.

  •   As an emerging distillation method, molecular distillation technology has obvious advantages and is used in plant essential oils, the petroleum industry, fine chemicals, food processing, pesticide products, and the new energy industry. As a supplier of short-range molecular distillation equipment, Toption has mature experience in research and development, production, sales, and service of distillation equipment, which is manufactured in our factory to provide you with favorable prices and a team of professional engineers to provide you with technical support, equipment installation and training in the use, etc. Welcome to consult to get the price list and service list.

  • molecular distillation
  • molecular distillation
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