New product cbd crystallization reactor

  • TOPTION new product cbd crystallization reactor is made of high quality stainless steel, it is professional designed with filtration function, and popular used in cbd industry, to achieve over 99% pure CBD crystals.  When this stainless steel reactor is equipped with a heating and refrigeration circulator, will taking into account the functions of melting, crystallization and concentration.

    A complete set of TOPTION stainless steel crystallization reactor includes

    • Stainless steel reaction kettle body
    • Filter (the filter part can be moved out, which is convenient to take out the cbd crystals, easy operation).
    • Condenser
    • Mother liquor receiving tank
    • Recovery solvent receiving tank
    • Heating refrigeration circulator
    • Vacuum pump

    TOPTION cbd crystallization reactor performance advantages and characteristics

    1. Crystallization reactor, which is equipped with a heating and refrigeration circulator, taking into account the functions of melting, crystallization and concentration.
    2. Filter, Jacket design, vacuum insulation, can effectively improve the recovery rate of filtration products. Equipped with movable casters, it can be disconnected from the crystallization reactor after filtration, and the product filter cake can be removed outside the equipment. A 50μfilter plate is equipped inside the filter. When used with the filter bag, the product filter cake can be quickly collected, and the filter plate can be cleaned without product residue, very convenience.
    3. Mother liquor receiving tank:The mother liquor receiving tank and the crystallization kettle body are equipped with connecting pipes, and the mother liquor can be returned to the crystallization kettle through the pipes for concentration.
    4. Compact structure:Integration in the main frame – crystallization reactor, filter, receiving tank, condenser and process pipeline.
    5. Diversified functions:The reactor takes into account the functions of crystallization, filtration and mother liquor concentration. Each function realizes continuous operation through the connection of process pipelines.
    6. Accurate audience:This reactor is designed for the CBD industry, and the process and operating temperature are based on the process in the industry.

    TOPTION as the manufacturer of cbd processing equipment, with more than 15 years development and production experience, provide professional customization and technical support for you, from biomass extraction to pure cbd oil distillate, cbd crystal, one stop turnkey solution help you save cost and time, contact  to get fast price quote now.

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