Rotary evaporator lab evaporators customer feedback

  • Thank customers for choosing TOPTION brand of rotary evaporator lab evaporators and using it for several months for the 5-star praise of our company's products and services. This is RE-5000 5L rotary evaporator, a complete set of configuration matching refrigeration chiller and vacuum pump, with automatic lifting, large LCD screen digital display, maximum convenience for users, matching bath cover, fully protecting the safety of operation.

  • In the cbd industry, many customers choose the rotary evaporator as the processing equipment after hemp oil extraction for alcohol | ethanol recovery or solvent removal. In fact, it is not only used in cbd industry, but also widely used in laboratories, research institutions, school teaching, factories, etc. in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, food and other industries for concentration, purification, and refining.

    TOPTION as the 15+ years manufacturer of rotary evaporator, provide 1L 2L 3L 5L 10L 20L 30L 50L 100L wide capacity range customization, for hotsale models in stock fast delivery within 3 days, matched chiller, vacuum pump, vacuum controller are available, contact to ask factory directly sale price list, help you save cost and time now.

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