Rotary Evaporator New Design 2020

  • Rotary Evaporator New Design 2020

    Customers usually buy rotary evaporator to remove the solvent / to do ethanol recovery, that is, to concentrate it. Of course, the removed solvent cannot be wasted and needs to be recycled. In this way, the collection rate is the pain point.

    Although the collection rate of rotary evaporator is not as powerful as the wiped film evaporator , the waste of solvents can also be reduced well by using accessories such as the sub-condenser and cold trap. The specific effect of course has a lot to do with materials and processes. Welcome contact  to communicate more together.

    Double coil condensers + one sub-condenser new design of rotary evaporator , makes the condensation area and condensation capacity (collection capacity) of the main condenser to be greatly enhanced. The direct manifestation is that more solvent can be collected when more solvent vapor is evaporated in a certain period of time. The collection rate will of course increase, and less waste.

    Simple summary – Dual coils design of rotary evaporator, main condenser and secondary condenser, high efficient cooling capacity, the condensation would be more efficient.

    Rotary evaporator is an ideal instrument necessary for the concentration, drying and recycling relied on by the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, foods, environmental protection, universities and colleges, and research laboratories,etc.

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