Rotary  Evaporator  Working  Principle

  •   A rotary evaporator , also called the rotary evaporator, is a kind of evaporation instrument widely used in the laboratory, consisting of a rotary transmission device, distillation flask, heating bath, condenser, and other parts, mainly used for continuous distillation of volatile solvents under reduced pressure conditions, applied in chemistry, chemical industry, biomedical and other fields.

  •   The rotary evaporator can be used to recover and evaporate organic solvents. The equipment is connected to a vacuum pump, the bath is heated to a certain temperature, the condenser tube is opened and rotary evaporation begins. It is using a motor to drive the distillation bottle to rotate, the distillation bottle is in continuous rotation, and the liquid is attached to the wall of the distiller, forming a liquid film, increasing the area of evaporation so that the evaporation speed is accelerated.

  •   Care should be taken when using:

    (1) When distilling under reduced pressure, the liquid in the bottle may boil violently when the temperature is high and the vacuum is high. Choose a suitable and smooth vacuum level for distillation.

    (2) When stopping evaporation, first stop heating, then stop evacuating and finally cut off the power to stop the rotation.

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