Rotary vacuum evaporator to recover & evaporate organic solvents

  • TOPTION rotary evaporator  is the most commonly used evaporator in the laboratory for concentration, alcohol recovery, and solvent removal. Here we mainly look at the application of the rotary vacuum evaporator in the recovery and evaporation of organic solvents.

    The roto evaporator uses a motor to drive the evaporation flask to rotate, the rotating flask of rotovap is connected to the vacuum pump through a high reflux serpentine condenser tube, and the other opening of the reflow condenser tube is connected to the receiving flask for receiving the evaporated organic solvent. Through electronic control, the flask rotates at a suitable speed at a uniform speed to increase the evaporation area. Keep the evaporation flask under negative pressure with a vacuum pump. Put the evaporating flask into the water / oil bath and heat it at constant temperature while rotating. The solution in the flask is heated, diffused and evaporated under negative pressure in the rotating flask. This is the working principle of rotary evaporator, vacuum pump, vacuum controller, chillers are available, for higher evaporation effect.

    In the process of using rotary vacuum evaporator, we need to pay attention – In the vacuum evaporation distillation process, when the temperature is high and the vacuum is low, the liquid in the evaporation bottle may suddenly boil. At this time, the degree of vacuum should be lowered so that the distillation process can proceed smoothly ( vacuum controller is optional).

    TOPTION as rotary evaporator manufacturer, provide wide capacity range customization from 1L 2L 5L lab scale, 10L 20L 50L pilot type, 100L industry production type, explosion proof control system customize, dual condensers customize, matched chillers, vacuum pump complete set is available, through CE certification dependable quality guarantee, factory directly sale help you save cost, contact  to get price list.

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