Short Path Distillation Applied in Plant Essential Oils

  •   Short path distillation  is used in a wide range of applications in the field of plant essential oils. For example, in the production of rose essential oil, short Path distillation technology can separate the essential oil and pure dew and other components from the rose, in the production of lemon essential oil, short Path distillation technology can separate the volatile components from the lemon peel, in the production of rosemary essential oil, short path distillation technology can separate the essential oil and pure dew from rosemary, etc. In general, short path distillation  equipment technology has become an important technical tool, which is widely used in food, fragrance, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields.


  • short path distillation

  •   What is a plant essential oil? It is a thin film distillation  extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of a plant by steam distillation, extrusion, cold infusion or solvent extraction.


      As we all know, rose oil is an important natural fragrance material in the production of fragrances, known as "liquid gold". Traditional plant essential oil distillation using water steam distillation method. This method costs less investment, simple operation, but the oil output rate is low. According to experiments, the output rate of essential oil is about three ten thousandths. In order to improve the output rate of essential oil, thin film distillation  technology has been widely used in recent years, so that the oil yield of rose extract has reached about 10,000 parts, thus improving the output efficiency of essential oil and reducing production costs.

  • short path distillation

  •   Rosemary extract  extracted by using short path distillation technology is highly efficient and easy to operate. In addition to the removal of residual solvent, short path distillation also removes other macromolecular substances from rosemary extract , resulting in a plant essential oil with transparent appearance, light color and pure aroma, which increases the value of utilization.


  • short path distillation

  •   As a new advanced distillation technology, short path distillation  can be of great use for production and human life. As a supplier of short path distillation  instruments, TOPTION integrates product development, production, manufacturing, sales and service 16+ years. The company can customize the equipment according to your needs, and our team of engineers will provide technical support and product installation services for you. Welcome to contact us at .

  • short path distillation
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