The Advantages of Short Path Molecular Distillation

  •   Short-path molecular distillation is a liquid-liquid separation technology that utilizes the characteristics of different molecular free ranges to achieve fast and efficient separation. It is widely used in the petrochemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and other industries.


  • short path molecular distillation
  •   The advantages of Short-path molecular distillation are as follows:

    1.Low evaporation temperature

      Short-path molecular distillation is excellent for separating heat-sensitive materials, achieving material separation at lower temperatures than those required for higher distillation temperatures.

    2.Short heating time

      After material is added via the feeding system, a scraper evenly and uniformly spreads the material on the heating plate to form a thin film. This design reduces pressure differences and shortens the distance between the heating surface and the condensing surface, allowing light molecules to enter the cooling environment quickly and heavy molecules to attach to the inner wall of the heating medium to achieve fast separation.

    3.Quick impurity removal


      Using the different evaporation temperatures of impurities and target products, short path distillation separates the two at lower temperatures, effectively removing other substances in the liquid, such as organic solvents and odors.

  • short path molecular distillation

  • 4.Self-cleaning heating surface


      Conventional distillation technology often encounters bubbling and liquid boiling phenomena during heating. The molecular distillation process operates at low distillation temperatures in a vacuum medium, allowing the liquid to evaporate freely and reducing the generation of these phenomena.


      Short path distillation   is carried out in a high-vacuum environment, Equipped with vacuum distillation equipment .And light molecules rapidly evaporate to achieve separation at the material distillation temperature, requiring less energy consumption.

      Short-path molecular distillation equipment offers obvious advantages. We provides complete experimental programs and instrument customization services. Professional engineers customize instruments, install equipment, explain usage, and provide site installation, commissioning,  vacuum distillation equipment training, and other services. The company has a complete design, development, and production system. For more information on price and services, please consult .

  • short path molecular distillation
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