Rotary evaporator, wiped film evaporator, falling film evaporator are used for ethanol recovery / solvent remove in CBD extraction | distillation process. Among these three evaporation equipments, rotary evaporator is the most economical choice, it is an evaporation instrument widely used in the laboratory, suitable for reflux operation, rapid evaporation of large amounts of solvent, concentration of trace components, and reaction processes that require stirring.

The configurations of the rotary evaporator mainly includes lifting device, motor, water bath / oil bath, evaporation flask, condenser, collection flask,etc. It can be equipped with vacuum pump, temperature control system and vacuum controller according to your actual requirements. In fact, rotary evaporator could customize many different types, such as explosion system, dual colleaction flask, dual condenser ( condenser types include reflux condenser, straight condenser, serpentine condenser, air condenser, spherical condenser, double plug condenser, etc). So if you have specical request, could contact  to get technical support and professional customize.

The working principle of the rotary evaporator is that under vacuum conditions and constant temperature heating, the evaporation flask rotates at a constant speed, and the material forms a large-area film on the bottle wall to efficiently evaporate. The solvent vapor is cooled by an efficient glass condenser and recovered in a collection bottle, which greatly improves the evaporation efficiency. It is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products that are easily decomposed and denatured at high temperature.

If you are engaged in chemistry, chemical industry, biomedicine, cbd industry and other industries, need to do concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery, please contact  to customize 100L-1L rotary evaporator. CE, ISO, SGS certification reliable quality guarantee, factory directly sale save your cost and time.