What's so special about vacuum drying

  •   A vacuum dryer  oven is a common drying equipment in the laboratory when used internally to maintain a certain degree of vacuum, to achieve rapid drying of materials, and to fill the internal inert gas to protect the operating environment, improve drying efficiency, the use of temperature control accessories to set, control and adjust the temperature.

  • vacuum drying equipment
  • vacuum drying equipment
  • vacuum drying equipment

  •   Vacuum drying equipment  from the inside of the crystal, removing the moisture from the inside of the crystal. Unlike the blast drying oven, the latter is dried by hot air from the outside and is more widely used in plant extract crystals.

      Toption team has experience in developing and producing vacuum drying equipment , with a beautiful appearance and convenient operation of the instrument. The inner chamber is made of stainless steel, and all five sides are heated. It can be matched with different types of vacuum pumps and with explosion-proof equipment according to the actual situation.

  • vacuum drying equipment

  •   Vacuum drying equipment is safer to use in a vacuum environment, and the inert gas inside the drying oven can play an effective protective role against volatile and flammable solvents, ensuring the safety of operators. Toption provides you with vacuum equipment solutions and equipment customization services. Please feel free to contact us at info@toptionlab.com .

  • vacuum drying equipment
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